C & D Semiconductor Services

C&D Semiconductor, Inc. is an innovative, fast-growing semiconductor equipment manufacturer. Their products and services cover wafer handling, processing, and inspection requirements in semiconductor manufacturing. C&D’s technical know-how and flexibility enable them to work closely with customers to design, develop, and manufacture systems that help meet their business and financial goals.


Spin Coaters

The P9000 photoresist coater and developer cluster system, pictured here, is a state-of-the-art tool that can be customized to meet the most demanding of process requirements. Designs are made with the customer in mind, with expandable number of modules and process capability for both small and large scale projects.


Alloy Anneal Systems

The P7000 Alloy/Anneal System, seen here, is a modified multi-hotplate P8000 Linear Track System specifically tailored for the needs of metal ohmic alloying. The system is primarily designed for the processing of 50mm– 200mm GaAs and InP wafers. It features engineering simplicity and ease of use and is a cost-effective alternative to the expensive Rapid Thermal Annealing (RTA), offering roughly twice as much throughput. Process temperatures in the special Alloy block can process wafers at temperatures up to 500 degrees C.

Each P7000 Alloy System comes with the C&D SmartPro software that makes recipe creation simple and easy. The included component exercise mode allows exercise of all system functions and sensors for easy maintenance and troubleshooting.


Frame Processing Systems

The P9000 Frame Processing System is a software-controlled, pre-saw wafer coating and post-saw wafer cleaning system. The system features a high-performance spindle motor and high-precision stepper motor and can be operated in either auto or manual mode for thin wafers of different frame sizes.

C&D has developed specialized modules for handling wafers on tape frames and expansion hoop rings, for processing substrates pre and post dice processing. C&D has developed special wafer handling solutions to transfer and spin wafers on tape frame and hoop rings simultaneously in the same tool. Specialized Wafer Clean & Coat Modules are designed as dual purpose, and can serve as a frame coater and a hoop ring cleaner, and can be outfitted with several kinds of chemical-mechanical agitation for wafer cleaning, including nitrogen aspirated spray.


8x Scrubber

The C&D Wafer Scrubber is a fully automatic cleaner designed to scrub with brush and/or high pressure arm, rinse, and spin dry substrates.

The brush and high pressure scrub operations are performed at a lower processing position while rinse, blow-off, and final dry operations occur at a middle spindle position in the chamber. This dual level spinning process and the large diameter process enclosure reduce splash and spray onto the substrate and the handling mechanism. Splash back onto the substrate is virtually eliminated.

The Scrubber module is also offered on the P9000 cluster system, and can be paired up with up to 5 Scrubber modules, for extremely high throughput requirements. The P9000 variant also features the use of digital spindle controllers and brushless motors, which allow for highly precise spin speeds, higher spin torque, and programmable brush forces.


Lift-Off System

C&D offers both the P9000 and P8000 Liftoff Systems, which are fully automated and designed for metal lift-off application. The cassette to cassette design offers a reduced overall system footprint. C&D uses a low pressure spray to soak the wafer for a programmed duration – this is followed by a high pressure fine needle spray. The programmed arm sweeps across the wafer to evenly lift off unwanted metal.

The state-of-the-art liftoff module is highly versatile, and can be implemented with many different features to improve efficiency and capability. Up to 5 separate modules can be outfitted into a single P9000 cluster system to maximize throughput capability.


Wafer Inspection

The V2000 Bright Light is a powerful, easy-to-use, dual-cassette, wafer-inspection system that can effectively discover all types of defects on wafers. The system can be operated in either auto or manual mode: the former automates wafer inspection through the use of recipes while the latter allows the operator the maximum operation flexibility. All operations, whether auto or manual, are carried out through the system’s intuitive graphical user interface. Its 34” x 45” footprint ensures that the system can be conveniently installed on a table top.

The V3000 Macro-Scope Defect Review System is a powerful, easy-to-use, dual-cassette, all-in-one wafer inspection system that is able to handle both macro- and micro-inspection of wafers. The system can be operated in either automatic or manual mode, making it possible to perform automated and manual inspections both on one system. It comes with a simple, intuitive, easy-to-use graphical user interface that allows the operator to carry out all inspection operations with ease. The system enable the operator to easily spot defects during macro inspection and then, with a few simple key strokes, clicks of the buttons, or touches on the screen, seamlessly move the substrate to the microscope for detailed inspections.


Wafer Microscope Loader

The next generation V1020 Microscope Wafer Loader achieves higher throughput than the previous generation while maintaining C&D’s well-known standards of reliability and ease of use. The V1020 is designed to fully automate loading and unloading of wafers from cassette to the microscope stage for inspection. Along with being faster, the new generation V1020 comes with improved inspection features.


Wafer Sorter

The S5010 is a recipe-driven, high-throughput wafer sorting system with an efficient radial footprint. The system can process wafers between 100mm and 200mm, at the speed of >350 wafers per hour (WPH) when reading laser marks and 750 WPH when transferring between cassettes. It boasts an impressive 10,000 hours Meantime Between Failures and 10,000 cycles Mean Wafers Between Assists.

The S5030 Sorter is a recipe-driven wafer sorting system which is capable to sort wafers up to 300mm. The system features a fixed thickness gauge as well as state-of-the-art Optical Character Recognition (OCR), enabling it to sort wafers either based on thickness or OCR. Its Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) ensures safe wafer transfer and data backup in the event of a power failure. It can also process wafers based on process data generated by third-party machines.


High-Volume Manufacturing

C&D Semiconductor Services, takes pride in the ability to fully customize each tool to cater specifically to our customers’ needs, as is the case during high volume manufacturing. Sometimes, this means fitting as much production capacity as possible into the allotted footprint to create a tool that can meet the high numbers of wafers required by some of the most demanding production deadlines.

To satisfy this demand for increased throughput, C&D has introduced these additional options into the P9000 family of tools with HVM and ultra-high throughput capability in mind.


Dual Centralized Robot capability allows each tool to maximize footprint efficiency. Two robots simultaneously running a total of four end effectors.

Stackable Modules allow for better footprint efficiency during high volume manufacturing by utilizing the existing vertical space. Stacks of up to 2X Coaters & Developers, or 4X HPO / CP Combinations per modular slot in the P9000.

Combination HPO / CP modules allow for quicker time between baking and controlled temperature cooldown. The Chill Plate acts as a loading and unloading station for the HPO, each module with its own individual arm to shuttle wafers back and forth.

Customized Cassette Indexer Platforms allow of simultaneous processing of up to 3 different sizes of wafer cassettes.


Optical Edge Bead Exposure

Introducing an alternative method to traditional chemical-driven edge bead removal, the Optical Edge Bead Exposure “OEBE” system is an independent module in the P9000 Coating & Developing System capable of exposing both flat and notched wafers quickly and efficiently. The exposure system utilizes a high intensity LED light source to generate a steady beam of 365nm wavelength, or a mercury arc lamp for other ultraviolet wavelength requirements.

Contained within its own module within the P9000, the OEBE system is equipped with an independent chuck and a motorized light source, allowing for precise exposure on various flat edges, as well as selected area exposures.

The optical edge bead exposure module itself is also equipped with additional secondary functions, such as wafer centering, notch/flat finding, and optional OCR reading.

Featuring high repeatability, elimination of messy chemical solvents, and greater EBR customization through C&D smartPro Recipe creation, C&D’s innovative OEBE is sure to improve your next process flow.


SynchroSpin® Coating System

C&D is proud to introduce the SynchroSpin­® Coating System as one of the customizable modules for our P9000 family of products.

The SynchroSpin­® Coating System is C&D’s state-of-the-art coating system variant that features the simultaneous rotation of both top and bottom of the closed coat bowl for a more controlled environment in which the photoresist is spread across the substrate during the spin coating processes.

The concurrent rotation of both top and bottom of the wafer allows for lower turbulence around the rotating substrate, and results in an improvement in coating planarization and greatly reduced chemical consumption through waste.

The specially designed coater insert is also equipped with an integrated backside automatic wash function.

Used as a standalone coater, or together with other standard coater modules, your next P9000 tool will keep up with exacting requirements in today’s semiconductor industry.


Ultrasonic Coating System

C&D is proud to introduce Ultrasonic Spray Coating to the offerings available on the P9000 family of products. Offered both in standalone or as a drop in module for one of our cluster tools, the C&D ultrasonic coating system is able to more uniformly coat substrates with complex structures that may have high levels of varying topography.

Using a ultrasonic signal generator, the C&D coating system will mist the desired chemistries using parameters finely calibrated to the specific physical properties of the photoresist. Compressed nitrogen is used not as a propellant of the solution, but solely as a shaping spray to direct the photoresist atomized by the ultrasonic frequencies. This results in a much more uniform coating for complex geometries and topographic substrates, and requires a greatly reduced amount photoresist than traditional checmical coating methods.