Industries we Support

Our Focus

MICL represents several companies that manufacture a wide array of products that support many industries. We continue to expand our product offering; however, we focus on the following industries:


For over 30 years, MICL has been involved in the Israeli semiconductor industry. Amongst our customers are the largest companies in the market and startups at the earliest stages. MICL supports the semiconductor industry’s production floor (capital equipment), test reliability, and failure analysis systems. In addition, we stock and support spare parts for Mattson Technology systems including consumables. Furthermore, we supply gel boxes, vacuum tools, cleanroom tape, wafer magazines and carriers, and other various products. We have stock and support systems related to this industry, such as tools for mounting, sectioning, grinding and polishing.


MICL supports the medical industry, on the production floor (clean room tapes), packaging (gel boxes and membrane boxes), and in research and development (inspection, mounting, grinding and polishing, microscopes and testing systems).


MICL supports the military industry and military units, mainly in packaging (gel boxes) and test, systems and services. We support cleaving, decapsulation, inspection, mounting, sectioning, cleaning, microscopes and imaging equipment.

R&D and Fabless

MICL supports R&D centers and fabless customers in the Israeli market. MICL provides testing, failure analysis, and reliability equipment and services. In addition, MICL provides cleaving, mounting, sectioning, hardness testing, microscopes and imaging equipment.

Academic Institutions

MICL keeps in close communication with the academic community. We believe that it is vital to understand future trends and technology. In addition, strong ties to academia ensures that future engineers and other technical personnel are exposed to our tools and technologies, thus spreading out to future employers. For these reasons our focus is on the research, design, manufacturing, distribution, service and support of high-quality equipment and consumables for test, failure analysis, reliability, sectioning, mounting, polishing, cleaning, hardness testing, microscopes, and image analysis for academic institutions.