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MICL Consulting and Logistics Ltd. supports global businesses who manufacture production machinery for the Micro-Electronic, Academic, Military and Fab-less Industries in Israel. The priceless experience and valuable relationships that MICL has accumulated over many years allow our partners to enjoy a reliable and profitable link to the ever growing and highly successful and profitable Israeli High-Tech Industry.


Ever since the Israeli Micro-Electronic Industry started to take off in 1989, MICL has been involved by supplying different levels of support for various fields of activity. Today the company is well acquainted with the leading organizations and players in the field, and assures our partners direct connections with them.

MICL combines a profound familiarity and understanding of local mindset and business practices with a long history of successfully doing business internationally. Thus we create an essential bridge between different cultures, improving connections and relationships while maximizing revenue for all involved.

MICL has a tradition of coordinating its activities according to our partner's needs. This flexibility allows us to integrate ourselves into your information systems and work procedures, making MICL's solutions tailor made for your company.
MICL gives great importance to keeping a personal and close relationship with our partners and providing them with complete, attentive and responsible service. Furthermore, MICL does not represent other companies competing with our partners, ensuring complete loyalty to the partner companies with which we do business.

Welcome to our company!

MICL – Group Ltd.

We provide state of the art auxiliary equipment for the micro and Nano electronics industry in Israel. Our products include vacuum tweezers, failure analysis equipment, semiautomatic sample preparation equipment for a wide range of materials, cleaving solution, microscopes, pocket-less trays, Gel Boxes and more.  
As a supplier of Israel's largest electronics and semiconductor manufactures we take pride in our customer care and our enduring dedication to your technology production processes. 

MICL invests a substantial portion of its revenue in research and development, making certain we remain service and product leaders for all of our business partners. 
We began as an engineering and maintenance firm, and still utilize this base knowledge in the current and ever growing technical business scene.

MICL partners with many unique companies who offer state of the art products and components, and we specialize in the introduction and support of these products to the ever-expanding Israeli and Global High Tech marketplaces.

MICL GROUP has been and will remain a value-added partnership opportunity for many years to come.
MICL – Group Ltd.

Our Added Values


The constantly changing needs of the market require professionalism and industry knowledge. Here at MICL, we have both.


We believe the first step to ensuring confidentiality is to establish the right culture within our organization. At MICL, this is one of our foundations.


From strategic planning through ongoing operations, we provide the expertise, quality processes and measurable results to make sure you achieve your business goals.


MICL enjoys a strong business network supported by healthy customer relationships , that has enabled us to retain existing customers while adding new business to our network.

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