LatticeGear is a cleaving and scribing innovator with solutions that improve on established techniques and are reintroducing cleaving to new applications. Understanding that every investigation must start with a clean, precise cross section, they’ve developed smart manual scribing and cleaving tools that offer high accuracy and ease of use:

  • At low costs that meet budgets. Quickly downsize, scribe or cleave samples
  • Any size, thickness and material
  • With no pre-prep required. The result is clean edges and precise cleaves. Get to the business of imaging and analysis faster with LatticeGear.
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Cleaving & Scribing

Have a look at the LatticeGear website for cleaving and scribing solutions, such as the LatticeAx 120, seen here.

You can also check out the LatticeAx 225 and the LatticeAx 420 for other solutions. 


Flipside Scrubbing

The patented FlipScribe scribes without any touch to the top of the sample. It integrates a robust diamond scribe into a sample platform with a fence guide design. Time required to align and scribe is about one minute.

Please feel free to visit the LatticeGear website to learn more about their flipside scrubbing solutions, such as the FlipScribe 100, seen here.


Tools & Kits

LatticeGear has all of the scribing and cleaving kits and accessories for your LatticeGear equipment. Click on a button below to be taken directly to that product type.

See the various subsections below and click on a button to visit the LatticeGear website to find out more about their available kits and accessories.