Micl Services

Our services support companies in creating a competitive advantage through the verity of services that we specialized with. These services include:

Support on-site technical service for worldwide companies that manufacture production machinery for the micro-electronic industry in Israel. Our support includes experience and costumer oriented field service engineers trained by the equipment manufacturers in every aspect of maintenance, troubleshooting and optimization of your system. We provide full management of spare parts and BOM. Our integrated services provide best performance of your equipments measured by high uptime and throughput.

MICL sales new or refurbished equipments, we provide warranty and service contract according costumer needs.
MICL sales supplementary equipments to academic institutions, R&D centers and fabless companies. We provide full coverage of every aspect of equipments maintenance and supply.
MICL provide IC verification and debug services using a suite of tools. These include the FIB (focused ion beam) and the E-beam (electron beam).
The FIB can be used to perform:
- Circuit edits and modifications on flip chips and wire bond devices.
- Probe point creation.
- The Ebeam can be used to:
- Probe buried metal layers.
- Probe flip chips through Silicon.
- Sample voltage over time.

Provide non-loading, non-destructive, high bandwidth measurements.
Display measurements as waveforms.

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