NISENSE | Automated Integrated Circuit Decapsulation

Nisene Technology Group is the world leader in automated integrated circuit decapsulation. In the 30-plus years in the industry, Nisene has developed and advanced their patented technology from its humble beginning with the original Jet Etch.

As the world moves toward more eco-friendly processes and the semiconductor manufacturing industry continues to make smaller parts with sensitive internal components, failure analysts are presented with a unique challenge: how do you etch these samples? Nisene Technology Group has bridged the gap between semiconductor manufacturing technology and failure analysis with its latest decapsulation system: the PlasmaEtch.


Plasma Plus Microwave Technology for Decapsulation

The PlasmaEtch decapsulation system is the latest and greatest from Nisene Technology Group, Inc. employing a proprietary process of reactive ion etching, microwave energy, and vacuum, the PlasmaEtch can now etch virtually any encapsulated integrated circuit while preserving all of the device's internal structures! No longer an all-day process as we have seen with traditional RIE processes, etching with the PlasmaEtch can yield complete die exposure within a matter of just a couple hours — or even less on smaller packages!

It Works. Here's How.

The PlasmaEtch decapsulation system is a revolutionary patent-pending gas-based semiconductor etching system. Employing a never-before-seen application of microwaved gases inciting chemical radicals for isotropic etching, the PlasmaEtch is the greenest and most cost-effective etching solution available. The PlasmaEtch can etch most sample sizes, encapsulant types, and wire bond types. Whether it's a more traditional gold wire sample, or if the sample features copper or silver wires, the PlasmaEtch delivers a safe and reliable etch.

JetEtch Pro

Our latest product line: the JetEtch Pro family of decappers. We strive to perpetually set the bar as high as possible with our instrumentation, and the JetEtch Pro is the culmination of over 30 years of research, development, and implementation of customer suggestions. 

The JetEtch decapsulation system takes an integrated circuit encapsulated in mold compound and removes it using a user-specified chemical solution. The process of mold compound removal is called "decapsulation" and is often referred-to as "decapping," "Jet-Etching," and similar. The results of this process can be used in a number of ways, but are most commonly seen in semiconductor failure analysis and counterfeit protection during the verification process. Without exposing the die in an integrated circuit, verifying a part's authenticity is virtually impossible. Die exposure is also critical to the failure analysis industry, as a die in this state lends itself best to a wide number of types of tests. 

Just a few examples of decapsulated samples can be seen below:


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