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Perfection Products manufactures process magazines and carriers.  Such products are Film Frames, Grip Rings, Magazines for Frames and Rings.  Lead Frame Magazines, Process Boats (formed & flat style) & Magazines, Antistatic Shippers for Frames and Rings.  Also, available are the 12.0” (300 mm) Wafer Frames and Magazines.

Other products are:
Aluminum Tubes and Rails Product Photos and Links,
Boat Magazines,
Film Frames /
Wafer Saw Frames,
Film Frames Magazines,
Grip Rings /
Expander Rings,
Grip Ring Magazines,
Lead Frame Magazines,
Multiple Channel Magazines,
Miscellaneous Magazines,
Printed Circuit Board Magazines,
Shippers - Film Frames / Wafer Saw Frames,
Shippers - Grip Rings / Expander Rings, Stack Magazines,
Substrate / MCM Magazines, TAB Magazines,
TO - Tape Magazines, Wafer Carriers

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