Gel-Pak Protecting the World's Valuable Devices

For more than 35 years, companies worldwide have trusted their fragile devices to Gel-Pak, a division of Delphon. The company manufactures a line of innovative gel-coated boxes, trays, slides and films for the safe shipping, handling and processing of fragile components.  Gel-Pak’s proprietary gel material effectively immobilizes objects to protect them from damage during transport. Gel-Pak products come in a variety of configurations and can be used in both manual and automated pick-and-place applications. 
Gel-Pak products include: 
-The AD, BD, CD product line - ideal for manual applications
-The VR product line – ideal for automated applications
-Membrane boxes – ideal for 3-dimensional objects
-Gel-Film – ideal for surface protection, fixturing, graphene exfoliation
-ESD carriers – for ESD-sensitive devices

:Gel-Pak offers a wide range of products

Gel-boxes & gel-trays®
Gel-box (ad series)
Gel-tray® (bd series)
Gel-slide (cd series)

Vacuum release™ (vr)
Vr trays (2" & 4")
Wafer/large format vr plates
Nano device trays (ndt)
Vr accessories

Wf film
Pf film
Dgl film
Custom tpe and tpu films

Jewelry/gem boxes

Membrane boxes

Waffle pack lid

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