Thetametrisis’ core technology is White Light Reflectance Spectroscopy (WLRS) that allows accurate and simultaneous measurement of thickness and refractive index of stacked thin and thick films in ultra-wide range from few Angstroms to millimeters.



The ThetaMetrisis FR-Scanner is a compact bench-top tool suitable for the automatic characterization through reflectance measurements of films and coatings on large substrates. FR-Scanner is the ideal tool for the fast and accurate mapping of films in terms of thickness, refractive index, uniformity, color etc. Wafers of any diameter/shape can be accommodated on the vacuum chuck.

Typical scanning of an 8” Si wafer at 625 points takes less than 60 sec. The optical head follows a unique design and accommodates the spectrometer, a hybrid light source, and all other optical parts. There aren’t any bending or moving fibers in this design, and therefore excellent performance in terms of accuracy, reproducibility, and long-term stability are guaranteed. Furthermore, the special design of the light source offer extreme long life: 10000h.